The meeting point of rivers and running roads, hospitality of people, the youthful impetus and the excitement of the old town: this is Győr the town of big meetings! In the small lowland county seat the nature of university town meets with the image of a vibrant city, which can be a beloved home for families and pensioners also. Győr attracts us in many ways, industrially is a rapidly developing city, but not just that -has a vibrant cultural life, outstanding sport achievments, wonderful sacred and secural monuments, inviting downtown streets and terraces and these treasures- as a kind of mosaic elements- make this town round and whole and raise it to a truly vibrant European city.


Mosonmagyaróvár is one of the cities in Hungary that could keep its special rol. The historical changes could not defeat the citizen1s will of living. It was road, gate, borderline and also the city of the opening of borders. Volley massacred most of its young population in 1956 and four decades struck the seal of silence on it. It was the central of the county and became a small town judged necrosis. Its Jewry was deported and its German population was relocated. Despite of it this entire town always found itself. It was the center of living for the native Hungarian and German population. It was the city of waters and usually called as the capital of Szigetköz although the city is found on the edge of it.


If a stranger would like to know, where to find Dunajská Streda, it is not easy to give a clear answer for a person who thinks on national or European scale about this town. We have to compare and correlate. For example: If we show the interested person on the map the Bratislava (Pozsony, Pressburg)-Komárno and Bratislava-Budapest line and we describe also that Dunajská Streda is situated halfway between Győr (Raab) and Bratislava close to the left side of river Danube than we put the stranger in the picture on European level. After that this city can be easily orientated to the great cities of Europe. 
You absolutely need to know about Dunajská Streda, that its existence confirms a charter dated in 1256.


Somorja (in Slovak Šamorín, in German Sommerein, in Latin Fanum Sancte Mariae) is a city in Slovakia in the township of Trnava in the district of Dunajská Streda. Šamorín is the trading centre of Žitný ostrov (Csallóköz) in the medieval age. Bucsuháza, Csölösztő, Királyfia and Tejfalu („Milky village”) belong to it. 
Its church is first mentioned in 1238 under the name "ecclesia Sancte Mariae" (That charter is fake). The first authentic written reference comes from year 1285, where Šamorínis mentioned as "Villa Sancte Márie".